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Here are a few parting shots--sorry for those who are not present in these photos.  Love you in spirit!

Your Final JOURNAL Assignments


Dear Students,
It has been a pleasure reading your journals this year and watching you grow as young Americans grappling with controversial issues.  The journal articles were selected to provoke thinking. You are
always expected to engage them critically--to defend, challenge or qualify what the writer is saying.
I hope you will always keep your journal as a reference and as a record of your writing and thinking during your American Studies journey your junior year in high school.

Thanks for a great ride! I feel so honored to have worked with you!
Mrs. Tannous

1. The Price of a Slur --write Critical Reaction

2. "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother"  (scroll down and find it on website) Write Critical Reaction.

3. Mr. Thomas Gillette's Reflections as an Eyewitness to the Pearl Harbor Attack, December 7, 1941.
Please share what you learned and what was unforgettable.

4. Explain "The Shot Heard Round the World."  (Emerson's poem)

5.  Define vocab words: hegemony, resonate, resonance, venerable, coloquialism, evcative, evoke, gobbledygook, smarmy, epithet, euphemism, meritocracy, double-entendre, diatribe, polemic, disparity, lyrical, undaunted, genial

6.  Anything you would like to add to your bodacious Journal!


"Please," said the frustrated teacher, "place commas and periods INSIDE the quotation marks."

We're all the same on the inside...

He prayed. It wasn't how I pray.
He spoke. It wasn't my language.

He ate. It wasn't like my food.

He dressed. It wasn't what I wear.

He took my hand. It wasn't the color of my skin.

But when he laughed--it was how I laugh.

And when he cried--it was how I cry.

--Amy Maddox